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National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine Report Recommending a .05 BAC Law (Web Page) American Journal of Preventive Medicine Study: States with Stronger Alcohol Laws Will Have Fewer Crashes NTSB .05 BAC At-A-Glance.pdf
NTSB .05 BAC Safety Briefing Facts.pdf
AAA Foundation: 63% Americans Support .05 Law (Web Page) Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute: 55% Americans Support .05 Law (Web Page) Alcoholism Journal Study About Science Behind Effectiveness of .05 BAC Law in US.pdf American Journal of Preventive Medicine Study on Deaths involving BACs Under 0.08% (March 2020) California Liam’s Law Information
Example of Oral Testimony to State Legislature (Utah 2017) Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety 05 Information
Example of Support Letter to State Legislature (NY 2019) Example of Letter to State Legislature (California 2019).pdf