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About Us

Our founders have backgrounds in transportation, public health, and global road safety. Our Honorary Chairman is Hon. Norman Y. Mineta, the longest serving Secretary of Transportation in U.S. history. Year after year, we have seen thousands of preventable deaths and injuries due to drinking and driving. Year after year, we have also seen the American public being misled about the strong evidence showing that our nation would save at least 1500 lives annually if every U.S. State passed a .05 BAC Law.

As a result, our founders formed the “05 Saves Lives” Coalition and created the accompanying website to provide easily accessible information and resources to help States, Territories, Municipalities, and others, pass .05 BAC Laws.

We know that a .05% BAC law is simply the right thing to do – it is backed by good science, the majority of Americans support it, and it has been proven around the world to save lives. This law does not necessarily increase arrests or decrease drinking. But it does deter impaired drivers before they get behind the wheel and it is most effective when combined with high visibility enforcement and education. A .05% BAC law separates drinking from driving – it is true, lifesaving, primary prevention.

We work towards the day when every US state and territory will have a .05% BAC Law - when we will no longer needlessly lose 1500 lives every year.

We know that you want to save lives. We encourage you to review the lifesaving evidence in support of .05 BAC Law.

We invite you to join us.

The Honorary Chairman Norman Y. Mineta

Honorary Chairman

The Honorable
Norman Y. Mineta

The Honorable Former Vice Chairman T. Bella DInh-Zarr

Hon. Bella Dinh-Zarr,

Former Vice Chairman
National Transportation Safety Board

Thomas Louizou

Thomas Louizou

Former Regional Administrator
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

David Sleet, PhD, MPH

David Sleet, PhD MPH

Professor Emeritus
San Diego State University
College of Health and Human Services

Marilena Amoni

Marilena Amoni

Former Associate Administrator
National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration (NHTSA)